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My architectural and design way began in 2008, in the architectural college of Almaty, Kazakhstan.

After graduating from college in 2011, I decided to continue to receive the architectural education of the brain and soul in the glorious city of St. Petersburg, so I entered in the Saint Petersburg State University of Industrial Technologies and Design in 2012 and graduated from it in 2016, to my own surprise, holding a red diploma with a big gummy smile on my face.

It would seem that the stage of the study came to its logical conclusion, but that was not enough for me. Having collected a bachelor's degree, a portfolio and a brain in the cranial box, I moved to Moscow, enrolled in master's degree courses of the Moscow Architectural Institute, and graduated from it in 2018, holding my red diploma with one hand, and with the second throwing my master's cap into the blue sky of a bright future.
My professional experience decided not to linger for a long time in the dark box and in 2012 started its way, parallel with visiting classes and performing crazy student projects.
My personal counter comprises more than 4,000 square meters of developed and implemented projects of residential and public spaces of various styles and locations around the globe. There are numerous completed and implemented projects of apartments, boutiques, offices and private houses.


My philosophy of working on a project

My task is to feel the desires, preferences and temperament of the client. First of all, I am an architect, therefore the project begins with the creation of a healthy, comfortable and ergonomic planning solution flavored with aesthetic, comfortable and individual design.




6721 NE 4th Ave, Miami, United States
+1 (786) 606-1953
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