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I started painting from childhood, and I could paint a whole stack of paper in one day! I used to watch my father, the famous iconographer Ilya Pivnik, drawing in his art studio.

So my interest in art started to increase: Very soon I enthusiastically began to study at the famous, now deceased, iconographer - Ponomarev A.V. I traveled with him to different parts of Russia to open-airs, carrying a huge wooden sketchbox full of oil paints. That's how I learned to paint landscapes from real life.
Then Fedorov F.B., the author of numerous historical paintings, took me to his private studio; he could paint one picture for years, scrupulously collecting material for it. It was and remains for me an example of the artist, with a capital "a”.
After that, I finally decided to become an artist and devote my life to painting. Can't say this was a difficult decision: in a moment I realized that I did not want to do anything else. I entered the Secondary Art School, a lyceum, where there were almost no general education subjects, but there were huge studios and everything necessary for creativity. At that time, the artistic paints plant “Nevskaya Palitra” was very interested in me and began sponsoring. I received a gold medal for the success in study, it was Tsereteli Z.K. who presented me it. I had three personal exhibitions. After graduating from the Lyceum, I entered the Russian Academy of Arts. I studied in the monumental studio of Bystrov A.K. For several years I was engaged in painting walls and decorating the interiors of private apartments and houses.
Monumental art is very closely related to the decisions of space, so I started studying the laws of architecture and interior design. Soon the interior design became so interesting for me that I realized that it’s real creativity in space where you can combine shapes, colors, lighting and different textures. The material palette is really infinite, you can be the director of all these elements.
Since 2009, I am professionally engaged in design. I follow the world trends in the design world, I study the properties of materials. After assembling a team of talented designers, I became the head of the interior design studio "Lorenzio".

In design, I like most of all working with people. I always repeat that the main thing in interior is a person! Without a person, the interior does not make any sense. Interior is the interaction of man and space. All space is formed around the person, around the purpose. I am always very attentive to every client to get to know him as an individual. I help people live in the house of their dreams. Turn the dream into reality.

I constantly solve problems, every time that's a new one. Each project is a new picture, which has its own idea and expressive techniques. When you come to the apartment without finishing, it is a huge field for creativity.

Creating an interior, I create an atmosphere, a mood. Indeed, the interior conveys the mood to a person! The main thing is to correctly handle the creation of an atmosphere of space that will be perceived by a person. Interior, like clothes, changes people. That's why I like to work not with materials, but with sensations. Objects and decoration materials are just tools for creating the right sensations. It's the only way to make from ordinary space a place you do not want to leave and where you want to come back again and again.

I have a special attitude to the architectural composition of the interior in general. To see the walls and furniture as a form, even before it became a chair, a closet or a chandelier we understand. To put together forms, air, to make correct pauses, to create lines and movement. I am primarily concerned with the question of ergonomics and proportions of the space. Only then, on top of the form, to apply content, colors, materials, textures. For correct form, the solution comes naturally. If there are errors in the main, it is impossible then to correct them with the decor.

I appreciate my studio "Lorenzio" for an excellent team, all the guys are very talented, creative and interesting. I like that we are all on the same wavelength, positive and energetic! Working in our team brings me pleasure.




6721 NE 4th Ave, Miami, United States
+1 (786) 606-1953
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