High tech (from the English. High Tech, which means "high technology") is a fashionable modern style, the historical origins of which arose in the first half of the twentieth century. At the dawn of its existence, it was called rationalism.

For spaces designed in this style, usually straight straight surfaces are characteristic, as well as fullness with the shine of glass and the sparkling of metal. The gloss of steel surfaces and chromed elements is emphasized by bizarre lighting.

In this article, we will look at how to create a stylish interior with high-tech elements:


  • What color scheme is suitable for the interior in this style;

  • What will be the characteristic features of various rooms;

  • What decorative ornaments would be appropriate here.

In any room, regardless of its size, you can create an interior in this futuristic style. Such a stylistic solution will be ideal for a small room, for example, a studio apartment or a one-room apartment, so it involves a minimum number of decorative elements cluttering up the space. With proper design, even a small room can be made visually more free.


High Tech Features

Despite an almost complete disregard for decorative ornaments, high-tech style is not without charm, and many find it very appropriate. The basic concept that forms this style is the application of the latest technological inventions in combination with the maximum preservation of free space. In high-tech interiors you can find only those elements that you really can’t do without. Each thing should be selected so as to meet the main requirements of this style: futurism, high quality, functionality and reliability. The design of objects should be restrained and discreet.


This style is characterized by the presence of the most peculiar textures and specific materials in various combinations. The most popular ones are “modern” concrete, nickel-plated or stainless steel, glass and plastic. When choosing a color component, you should adhere to a restrained palette. You can take white as the basis, but as an addition to it you can use golden ocher, cream, gray with a slight shade of blue, light beige and other calm colors.

The ceiling and walls should be covered with plaster and painted with the same color, or textured wallpaper can be used. On the walls you can place huge mirrors that visually expand the room and fill it with light.


Kitchen - minimalism and convenience

High-tech kitchen is designed primarily to meet the amenities and provide comfort. Simple-shaped furniture looks stylish thanks to a combination of contrasting textures - the luster of glass and the texture of wood (always without carving), sparkling metal and modern plastic. Each thing should clearly fulfill its function and be comfortable in everyday life. In addition to the usual household appliances, various modern gadgets will come in handy here. In textiles, flashy colors and bright patterns should be avoided.


Modern technical devices perform in such an interior not only their direct function, but also provide a decorative role. Thanks to their shiny surfaces, these items are great for decorating the room. Dishes, household items and decorative little things that serve as an invariable attribute of the hearth are not welcome in this style, and they should be hidden behind the cabinet doors. The design of such a room should be made very minimalistic, but it is necessary to focus on convenience. If the kitchen is small, then this style will allow you to place everything you need in the room without losing visual appeal. An interesting addition to the interior is modern luminaires and LED lights built into the walls and ceiling. Instead of curtains, you should choose blinds, blinds or Roman curtains.


Living room - functional comfort

A high-tech living room is also characterized by a minimum of furniture. The main elements can be a sofa in a minimalist style and an ultra-modern large-screen TV built into the wall. Shining surfaces are designed to emphasize the futuristic focus of the design. From furniture to such an interior, modular sofas, a transforming table, cabinets with mirrors with dusting, open shelves with lighting are perfect. Swivel chairs will become a stylish replacement for ordinary chairs.

Cushions, curtains and bedspreads will help to create cosiness in the room. As a pattern, it is better to choose a large modern print, or to completely do without a drawing, preferring plain fabrics. You can also use modern technology to transfer photographs or other images that are suitable in style to the fabric.

The main accent of such an interior can be a large sparkling chandelier. Additional light sources can be halogen lamps or spotlights, as well as led lighting, which not only gives the room a futuristic look, but also allows you to directionally illuminate the required space.

Bedroom - modern comfort

The design of the bedroom in high-tech style should meet several requirements at once:


  • the place to sleep should be as comfortable and convenient as possible;

  • the setting should provide a cozy and soothing atmosphere conducive to good sleep;

  • storage systems should be organized so that the necessary things are conveniently located and always at hand.

When decorating in high-tech style, try not to use “caramel” shades - this destroys the conceptual basis of the style. As the main palette, colors such as white, black, silver gray will be most acceptable. To diversify the interior and add bright accents to the room, elements of red, green or dark blue will help.

The most suitable high-tech bedroom furniture will be:


  • a comfortable bed equipped with a built-in lighting system, functional shelves, an adjustable headboard. In order to rationally use the place, you can install a lifting bed;

  • you can use the open wardrobe system to store clothes;

  • comfortable bedside tables or small dressers should be placed on both sides of the bed.


For the bathroom, the same recommendations are suitable as for the rooms discussed above. The basic requirement is still minimalism, the presence of shiny chrome details and fantastic lighting. Usually a small room is allocated for the bathroom, so the futuristic effect is achieved here due to LED lighting and other technical innovations.


Curtains in the interior

The main requirement for high-tech curtains is natural materials. You should also pay particular attention to practicality. The blinds are suitable here, which can be either horizontal or vertical, since they have a convenient adjustment mechanism and allow you to let in exactly as much light as you need. If you prefer to use ordinary curtains, then it is better to choose fabric for them with a large pattern of a modern theme, or even choose plain ones. Instead of printing, curtains can be decorated with rivets, zippers and other shiny elements.

Futuristic curtains made of high-tech fabrics will be very appropriate - they fully meet this trend and will serve as a wonderful addition to the interior.

The color palette should be used cold, avoiding flashy shades. Curtains with a pattern are not too typical for this style, so instead of the usual motifs, you can use fabric with photographs printed on it.


For high-tech style lighting is an important aspect and serves as one of the main distinguishing features of this style. Sophisticated design solutions will be most suitable for this area. Functional led lighting looks very futuristic, spotlights and fancy floor lamps will help to zone the space with the help of lighting, and a luxurious chandelier will be the main focus of the whole interior.