The interior in the Indian style is one of the modern trends. It combines exotic notes of oriental motifs, an atmosphere of relaxation and a certain mystery.

A characteristic feature is the abundance of fabric elements, bright and colorful. The main condition: shades and patterns of fabrics are necessarily combined with each other.

The Indian interior is also associated with wooden furniture decorated with carved elements, spectacular wall decor and an abundance of accessories.

Especially luxurious oriental motifs look in the design of country houses. In this style, you can arrange both the whole house and 1-2 rooms. Massive elements and furniture made of natural wood, an abundance of fabrics look luxuriously where there is space and a significant influx of fresh air. Also, in the interior and exterior of the house, you can use shutters, the characteristic style of the roof, entrance complex.

In a city apartment, especially if it is not spacious enough, such elements can additionally “eat up” valuable space, creating a feeling of crowding.



Curtains, bedspreads, pillows, beautiful tablecloths help to quickly transform the room. For the Indian style, fabrics with patterns, necessarily natural, are chosen. But moderation should be observed so that your bedroom or living room does not turn into a colorful tent. As an emphasis, you should choose 1-2 elements. They must be combined in colors and patterns.



Modern trends in interior design increasingly involve the abandonment of carpets, especially on the walls. Indian style is an exception. But for this case, there is a prerequisite: the carpet should be light, natural and with a thematic pattern or ornament.


Wall decoration

When choosing finishing materials and wall decor, it is important to decide which result you need: a classic Indian version or a modern one with oriental motifs. In the first case, you should pay attention to the paisley - wallpaper with patterns characteristic of the east. But do not paste over the whole room with them: it is enough to use them as an additional element on one, at most two walls.


For the second option, wall murals with oriental motifs, images of exotic landscapes and animals are suitable. They will look great in the living room or in the nursery. A more minimalistic option is to use large panels, paintings or photographs of relevant subjects in the interior.


Elements of interior design

Preference should be given to wooden elements. It can be carved frames for windows, doors, accessories. Wooden furniture is one of the prerequisites.


Two elements can be connected at once: include decorative pillows filled with aromatic herbs in the interior. This is a great option for the living room - but on the condition that the family does not have allergies.

Carved caskets of different sizes will help not only bring oriental flavor, but also allow you to organize space, make storage of small items more convenient.