Today, each owner of his own home, working with a designer, can create a cozy and beautiful home of his dreams without too much hassle and in a short time. To do this, you just need to tell the designer what he should be.

Specialists will develop a design project for the apartment and a working estimate for it, according to which it will be possible to exercise control over construction crews without fear of mistakes in using finishing technologies and moving away from the original color solutions.

Advantages of a professional approach to creating interiors

Today, fashion not only dictates trends in the creation of actual bows. In the design of the living space, there are also fashion trends that are associated with the widespread use of modern household appliances and new finishing materials. Most modern people want to live in a comfortable, bright and joyful atmosphere, creating a functional space out of the house full of life, rather than a museum. This opinion was expressed in an interview with an employee of the design studio Lorenzio, a resident of St. Petersburg Irina Pikulina. She believes that the style solution that visualizes the apartment project design should completely bear the seal of the owner’s personality, reflecting his habits, aesthetic preferences and emotional mood.

But in an interview with her, an expert of a well-known design studio in St. Petersburg, founded by Timofey Pivnik, recommended that his interlocutor should take into account the architectural specifics of the whole house in which such an apartment is located when choosing a suitable style solution for a house. The uniformity of exterior and interior solutions of old buildings is especially important for residents of St. Petersburg, who with great love relate to the famous architecture of the city and its unique atmosphere.


Pre-revolutionary houses of St. Petersburg are distinguished by high ceilings, typical for historical buildings, ceilings, original layout, which must be organically included in the context of a modern interior, using such style solutions as:


  • Classic;

  • Pseudo-classics with eclectic elements;

  • Modern.

The specialist is convinced that in such old houses, hi-tech or minimalism will simply be inappropriate. But the stylized classic of the interior with modern elements of decor and lighting will be in harmony with the historical and cultural exterior of the old St. Petersburg mansion. To achieve the desired effect and to avoid mistakes, it is best to order a turnkey apartment design project in such cases, says expert Lorenzio.

Modern interiors are best suited for residential complexes of improved layout, which for the most part are located far from the historical center of the city and create the surroundings of a modern arrangement of urban space. The new apartments have a lot of space and light due to panoramic glazing. For such residential spaces, you can create interior projects taking into account all the wishes of customers.

Development of a general interior concept

Before you go to the designer to place an order, homeowners need to at least understand what they would like to get in the end. To do this, you should familiarize yourself with the various options for style trends and choose the most suitable one from them. This will make it possible to more accurately set a task for the specialist and will make it possible to get a design project for the apartment of your dreams. However, before proceeding with its development, the specialist will require drawing up a technical task for him based on answers to asked questions about what the future interior of the house should be.


The designer of the Lorenzio studio, Julianna Reshetnikova, says that this is an important stage in the development of the project. It allows the client to at least approximately estimate the amount of repair costs by preliminary calculation of the main positions for filling the future interior. At this stage, the customer can choose for himself the cost of the future interior, choosing the right materials for the price.

When contacting the designer, even before the start of repair work, you can calculate the costly part of the home improvement, since when developing concepts, every little detail of the future interior is concretized:


  • wall, floor, and ceiling materials;

  • type of window construction;

  • lighting;

  • plumbing;

  • interior doors;

  • sockets and switches;

  • furniture;

  • interior decoration;

  • filling each functional room;

  • household appliances, etc.

At the stage of selection and development of the concept of the future apartment design project, the types and brands of finishing materials, elements for filling the living space and other necessary things to create an original interior are specified.

Budgeting and selection of decoration materials

After the concept is approved, the preparation of the working estimate begins. It allows already at the initial stage of work to determine the segment of the market of finishing materials, with which the developed project will be implemented. A variety of price options makes it possible to realize the same ideas with different cost materials and products from different price segments:


  • premium;

  • medium;

  • budgetary.

At the stage of drawing up the working estimate, the total cost of the turnkey apartment design project , is concretized, growing by 20-25% compared with preliminary estimates. Having determined the size of the budget for himself, the customer, together with the designer, can start compiling a basic list of finishing technologies and brands necessary for the implementation of the chosen style solution.

Price of design services

The cost of developing a design project for an apartment in St. Petersburg depends on the total area of the room and the features of the layout. It starts from 1100 rubles. for m 2 . In addition, the customer will have to pay:


  • development of sketches and drawings;

  • departure to the object;

  • support of the design project.

To rationally spend your budget, it is best to choose a turnkey apartment design project in such studios where all these works are included in the total cost of the order. In Lorenzio, this is exactly the option.

What's in fashion now?

Choosing the right interior for their home, some start from the fashion of luxury, while others like expensive technology. You should be aware that the implementation of such pathos design projects will require large financial investments.


For those who have more modest financial opportunities, the designers of Lorenzio studio offer more affordable solutions. They can combine several styles at once, as in the home interior of sales manager Valentin Peschaniy. In his living room, organically combines art nouveau with ethnic decor, which he brings from traveling to different countries.

We consider ethnic style to be one of the promising and democratic style directions in creating residential interiors. Today he is in a trend and is called ethnoshik on professional slang. Correctly fit its elements into the layout of rooms will help experienced designers.

Finishing control

After agreeing on the sketches and technical documentation of the design project, the designer can, within the framework of the provision of services, select and control the purchase of the necessary finishing materials, furniture and decor. The procurement of finishing materials is carried out directly by the foreman of the brigade, which performs the entire amount of finishing work, guided by a list compiled by the designer.

If you order a turnkey apartment design project , then you will not have to be distracted by control over the procurement and execution of all stages of finishing work. These responsibilities will not fall on the shoulders of a designer who is well versed in modern finishing technologies. Constant monitoring of the procurement and repair process allows timely identification and elimination of certain defects that are completely difficult to get rid of.

Benefits of design services for organizing apartment renovation

The possibility of constant consultation and cooperation with the designer at all stages of development and implementation of the design of the apartment project allows you to get benefits even from negative moments. This is clearly seen from the story of a client of Lorenzio design studio Irina Pikulina. She says that initially, when discussing the concept, she and the designer approved a red mosaic for decorating the bathroom. When the supplier sent a white analogue, it was a timely consultation with the designer that made it possible to make the only decision that was right in such a situation and replace the red mosaic with white in the design project without losing its attractiveness.

The designer can develop to the smallest details technical documentation that simplifies the work of finishers, and make a list of materials and their cost. This approach allows you to avoid overstated costs for building materials that are acquired by builders and rationally spend the budget allocated for the arrangement of their home.

If the customer uses the services of an experienced designer, then usually trusted contractors work for him, and when you search for a finishing team yourself, you can run into scammers.

The most common mistakes in self-designing a residential interior

5 costly mistakes that people make while self-developing interiors in their homes:


  • hiring an unprofessional team whose services are at first glance cheaper than the services of professionals; The danger is that in fact, saving on the team often goes sideways and affects the quality of work.

  • purchase and use of substandard or improperly selected materials;

  • Ordering furniture without tying its dimensions to the size of the room, violating the design concept.

  • Making technologically inconsistent decisions that lead to the destruction of previously done work and a general increase in the cost of repairs

  • Lack of project coordinator.

Project management is completely under the control of professionals to avoid all these gross violations.