The pace of development of modern technology is growing rapidly every year. New products are constantly appearing on the market, immediately replaced by even newer inventions. It is impossible to keep track of successive fashion trends.

With such a variety of technologies and materials, it is very difficult to dwell on one thing. But when choosing materials for home repair, you need to be guided not only by the fashion for cutting-edge news, because these purchases should serve us for many years.

Unlike wardrobe items, which can be changed much more often, buying a home decor should be carefully thought out and planned.

Nevertheless, it is absolutely impossible to resist some stunning new products. In this article we will tell you about interesting, fascinating and unusual trends in the modern interior, and after meeting them you will probably want to use at least some of them at home.


Furniture: contemporary retro

Since the mid-20th century, the furniture industry has begun to flourish. At that time, such furnishings were created that were ideal for any city apartment. They naturally combined elegance and convenience. The compactness of such furniture made it possible to use it in almost any room, regardless of its size. The elegance of sofas, armchairs, cabinets and nightstands of that era was added by elegant thin legs and narrow armrests, and the smooth surface of polished wood or high-quality plywood gave them chic and a touch of luxury.


Time passed, but such furniture has not lost its relevance. It is still in demand, as it looks perfect in the small rooms of modern apartments, without cluttering up the space and meeting all the requirements of convenience.


The influence of this trend can be seen not only in the sphere of furniture production, but also in such necessary items as lamps, decor elements, carpets, etc. Designers who develop modern collections do not just copy samples of the last century, but reinterpret them in a new way, add new details and make household items even more convenient and stylish, combining well with other styles and fashion trends.


Textiles: bright colors and patterns

The bizarre coloring of various pillows and pillows, carpets, bedspreads, blankets is gaining more and more popularity and is becoming a fashion trend in modern interior design. Light color is still preferred for walls, and against this background, bright textiles will sparkle with all the colors of the rainbow, giving the room liveliness and bold exoticism. To ensure that furnishings do not argue with the bright decor of textiles, one should give preference to plain furniture, especially since it is extremely popular and is one of the main trends of our time.


Ethnic flavor

The interpenetration of different cultures has led to a person’s interest in the historical foundations of this or that people. In general, people became more interested in their origins, the history of their people and all of humanity. It is easy to travel in the modern world, and many take this opportunity, discovering various countries and cultural features, and this also influenced the development of ethnic style in fashion and design.



As we have already discussed above, monophonic light wallpapers are provided in the modern interior. This allows you to use more vibrant decorative elements with greater freedom. If necessary, you can always replace bored items by updating the interior without a global repair. It is enough to decorate the house with new pillows, a colored bedspread or a bright carpet. The room will look fresh and will not be overloaded, since light walls will visually increase the space and add light and space to the room.

But if you still want to decorate the walls with wallpaper with a fashionable print, we recommend that you choose a leafy or floral ornament. These wallpapers in elegant vintage style will add your home a special elegance and style.


The tree is back in fashion

Wicker elements in the decor are gaining more and more popularity in the modern interior. If earlier wicker chairs, tables and rocking chairs hid modestly on the verandas and balconies, now they again proudly return to the living rooms, bedrooms and other rooms, taking pride of place among fashion trends. Not only this comfortable and beautiful furniture is returning to our homes: wicker baskets, carpets, bamboo curtains and even plates are becoming popular decor items. The rough texture of the tree gives the interior greater expressiveness and makes urban residents closer to nature.


Green plants adorning the modern interiors of almost any room are still extremely popular. High pots can be placed on the floor, smaller pots - on window sills and any other horizontal surfaces, as well as hung on the ceiling or strengthened with special mounts on the walls.


If you do not have time to deal with all this variety of plants, then just put in a room a large pot with a palm tree or ficus.

Wall decoration

For a modern interior, the use of frames for decorating walls is typical. But as pictures, it’s not the pictures of classical masters that are inserted into the frames, but vintage black-and-white photographs styled in antiquity, posters, pages from magazines or books or other unusual images storing the imprint of antiquity. All this will add to the interior exquisite charm and bohemian charm.

Macrame weaving for wall decoration

Macrame, once a popular form of creativity, has been forgotten by many today, and in vain. Indeed, in modern design, macrame again triumphantly regained its former glory. Macrame decor elements will be an excellent decoration for your home and create a cozy atmosphere of the hearth. Any housewife can master this popular hobby to create an original item with her own hands.

Interior design for the kitchen

Two-color kitchens are especially popular in modern interiors. Color combinations are elegant and noble. For example, you can highlight a combination of wooden surfaces with white. A hue of noble luxury will be added to the interior by metal elements made in warm colors, as well as chic crystal chandeliers.


There is also a tendency to combine the kitchen with the living room. This allows you to create a spacious room for various events or celebrations.

Bedroom interior

The interiors of the bedrooms are more courageous and freedom in design compared to the elegantly furnished kitchens. The eclecticism of the design is emphasized by a large number of various pillows, bright colors of plaids and bedspreads, and even canopies. To create an atmosphere of comfort in the bedroom will help pleasant trifles placed on the bedside tables, bedside tables, shelves and other horizontal surfaces.

Living room interior

For the living room, comfortable furniture will be the most suitable environment, elongated forms of which along with a pastel color palette will help create an atmosphere of comfort and home warmth. The presence of natural textures in the design of the living room will help you relax and enjoy a serene rest and comfort.


The main idea for the modern design of living rooms can be called creating a comfortable space, devoid of excessive formality and rigor. Such an atmosphere will immediately lead to a pleasant friendly conversation over a cup of tea.

Thin coffee tables

Unusual tables on thin legs will become a fashionable element of any living room. It can be decorative or coffee tables, which can also be placed in other rooms. They can be placed in the center of the room, making an interesting emphasis on them, or placed near a bed or chair. In this case, it will be appropriate to look at them pots with indoor plants or nice-looking trinkets. Any interior will sparkle with new colors, if you add an interesting and fashionable design table to it!