Provence style originated in the French province. It belongs to the southern styles, so it has a special lightness and beauty. It conveys the long-standing traditions of country houses in France, as well as the gentle grace of the Cote d'Azur.

Provence is also known as the "French country", it was named after one of the French regions with beautiful sea views, delicious local cuisine and bright sunshine.

He is very respected by those who want to create their own interior in the style of rustic chic. Previously, local residents lived measuredly in a rustic rhythm, and therefore decorated their homes quite simply, but with taste. And now this direction is becoming more and more popular every day in modern houses and apartments.

At the beginning of the 19th century, the Provencal style gained popularity throughout Europe. Some simplicity blew from him, but at the same time he created coziness, peace and a certain naturalness. Even today, the French country is striking in its unusualness to many who want to create a simple but refined atmosphere at home. This is not to say that Provence is a style that is inherent only in country houses. In modern apartments of the city, he found a new breath.

Provence Style Elements

The interior, created in the spirit of Provence, is filled with comfort and coziness. Here, as if, one senses a certain freshness of the sea breeze, the lightness of the wind, bringing the smell of Provence herbs and lavender.

Features of Provence:


  1. The walls are finished with stucco.

  3. Pastel shades prevail.

  5. Herbariums and various fresh flowers.

  7. Natural texture and natural materials.

  9. The presence of wood carvings.

  11. Furniture with patina and slight scuffs.

  13. All kinds of ceramic and porcelain figurines

  15. Patterns of flowers.

  17. Some forged elements.

  19. Sewing.

Provence style is characterized by a large amount of light, natural and warm shades.

Now everyone will be able to create such a style in their apartment or house, and for this it will not be necessary to demolish the walls or make major repairs in the entire room. The only thing that may be required is the use of natural materials and fabrics, as well as light solutions with small bright shades.

Color Design

In Provence, the hot coast of the endless sea is clearly visible. Here pastel and soothing shades that are particularly tender and soft will be appropriate. The most suitable of them are:


  • sandy and pale yellow;

  • white and cream;

  • pale green and light blue;

  • lavender and pale azure.

In some interiors of this style, the color of the sea wave and clay shade are noticeable. This color combination is observed not only during the design of the walls, ceiling and floor, but also must be viewed in the design of furniture and textile products located in the room. The furniture needs to be more emphasized than the walls, it should stand out, and not merge with them. With the help of scuffs, decorative cracks and bumps, you can create a unique look.

How is the ceiling, walls and floor

As mentioned above, Provence suggests the presence of plastered surfaces. Moreover, the plaster should not be perfectly smooth. Roughness and bulge are welcome here, some places may be burned out - so the interior will look more like Provence. Using textured plaster, you can ennoble the room and create coziness.

Some may be outraged and say - but what about the wallpaper? They are not characteristic of this style, although some owners of the premises still prefer them. In order to achieve the effect of an untreated surface, ordinary paper wallpapers that stick to the surface with plaster will help. It is noted that wallpapers with flowers and patterns are also used in this type of interior.

Facing board can also be used to decorate wall surfaces. This board is usually painted white. The kitchen is designed in a completely different way compared to other rooms. Typically, brick or natural stone is used for the walls, and you can also see mosaic in pastel colors.

All doors and windows should be made of wood only. No plastic! They are painted with white paint. If desired, wooden surfaces are aged or painted. Glasses are used in the doors to allow natural light to go inside as much as possible.

Wooden planks or tiles of a light brown hue are laid on the floor. The corners of the tiles must be beveled. As for walls, the flooring is also given the effect of aging. There are no carpets, laminate, linoleum or parquet does not fit. The design of the ceilings is the simplest - they are painted with white paint (you can use a water emulsion) or add a little color to get a light pastel shade. If the country house has high ceilings, then you can use wooden beams painted with brighter paint in the interior. With low ceilings, the beams will look rude and ugly, so it is not recommended to use them in low rooms.

Choice of textiles, curtains and colors

Window decoration is an integral part of the French style. Everything should be easy and simple. Earlier in the Provence style, curtains, curtains and tulle were not used at all on the windows, since they were completely unnecessary. Only sometimes it was possible to see light curtains on the windows of houses that let light and air in. Now Provence style involves the use of light tulle on the windows, chintz or satin with an inconspicuous pattern.


The main thing is natural fabrics - linen, cotton wool and no synthetics! All textiles should be in muted shades. Of course, you can use striped or cage fabrics, as well as choose small floral ornaments. The main thing is that they should not be too bright and catchy. But fishing nets and small shells will be a good finishing touch. With their help, you can focus on a specific area in the room or on a particular object.

Since this gentle style belongs to the natural, then, without fail, there must be many plant motifs in it. Flowers in a vase are an ideal solution to refresh a room and add variegated colors to it. Lavender, iris, a sunflower and even bright red poppies are well suited. Zoning the room is possible with the help of wooden racks and forged partitions. If you choose paintings as decorations, it is better to give preference to those on which green leaves, trees, a floral still life or a landscape with a pastoral scene will flaunt. Everything connected with nature will be harmonious in such an interior.

Furniture as an interior item

The main characteristics of the furniture are maximum functionality and elegance. All furniture for the French interior is selected from natural wood. It is good if it is oak, ash, walnut or chestnut. Compared with particleboard or MDF, then the cost of wooden products will be much more expensive, but the style will be preserved, and the room will look stunning. To comply with the style, it is better not to use modern materials, as they will be completely inappropriate against the general background.


Of furniture, the most suitable are:


  • carved chairs;

  • original sideboard with legs;

  • all kinds of bedside tables with lots of drawers;

  • chests of drawers with doors and various sized drawers.

All furniture is decorated in light shades - white, gray. Upholstered furniture can also be made in soothing colors. Drawing on them may also be present, but not too pronounced. As upholstered furniture you can choose anything: sofas, pouffes, wedges and chairs. Again - bright shades of upholstery are not welcome.

Provence style kitchen

For every housewife, the kitchen is a special place. In this style, decorating the kitchen area is a pleasure. Recently, you can see how the classic style is complemented by various elements of Provence. The severity inherent in the classics is originally diluted with notes of Provence, giving an atmosphere of coziness and hospitality to each room.

Details are given special attention, because you always want to put a special emphasis on something, to give brightness and style. For example, in a kitchen room are often used:


  • potted flowers;

  • painted plates with decorative elements;

  • olive cookware;

  • cooking books on the shelves;

  • original oil bottles;

  • sprigs of lavender in baskets.
прованс Лорес

The symbol of France is a figurine of a rooster, which can also be installed in the kitchen. Any place is suitable for her - the center of the table, an open shelf in the closet or on the windowsill. She will give a highlight to the room.

Beauty and comfort are two components of the Provence style, but also the whole room should be multifunctional. On open shelves you can store any kitchen utensils or use them as a decor. It is better to hide modern equipment in cabinets, otherwise all Provencal chic will be lost. Believe me, that an electric kettle or a modern bread machine in a rustic interior will somehow look wrong.

Provence style bedroom decoration

Romantic natures will love the Provence-style bedroom. Everything is saturated with Mediterranean color here. A large number of different plants and paintings are welcome, and textiles are an integral part of the bedroom. There should be a chandelier on the ceiling, but not spotlights.

Provence style living room decoration

Living room in a rustic style must be bright. A large amount of sunlight entering the room will certainly decorate it. Shabby furniture against the background of plastered walls looks very impressive. All this is complemented with porcelain figurines, wicker caskets and baskets. And on the walls and the chest of drawers you can place family photos in wooden frames painted in the color of doorways. All kinds of jugs used instead of vases, an old kettle or a brilliant samovar will complement Provence well.


Lighting in the living room is also given a considerable amount of time. Lamps need to be carefully selected so that they fit into the general background. Typically used are chandeliers with wrought iron elements, floor lamps with high legs and small sconces. It does not provide for the use of modern backlights with LEDs and various spotlights.

Provence style bathroom decoration

As in any other room with Provence style, the bathroom should also have a lot of light, which is why you need to make a window in this area. Let it be small, but natural light will penetrate into it. Size and shape does not matter. The common room can be decorated not only in white and pastel shades, olive, blue and blue colors are also acceptable here. Metal products will only add zest to the room. The main thing is not to use stainless steel and plastic attributes.

As for plumbing, she would also like to pay special attention. An ideal option is a beautiful white bathroom with curved legs. Well, if they are forged. Bronze faucets complement the countryside. For detergents, you can use open wooden shelves and wicker baskets.

Provence-style nursery decoration

In this area of the house, you can deploy all your fantasies and turn them into reality. How, no matter how children can show the world in all its colors! There is no limit to creativity!

If the room is large, then you are in luck! The entire nursery can be divided into certain zones so that the child is comfortable in it. A separate place can be given to the children's library by placing an open rack for children's and school books. From the open shelves the baby will be convenient to get to the book they like, and put it back on their own. A tea area also has a place to be. It can be a small wooden table, installed at the window with several wooden chairs. A child can invite his friends, treat with sweets and delicious tea.

As for the shades, then again everything remains the same. The predominance of pastel shades. If the windows of the room face the east side, then you can arrange it in lavender or blue shades. If the windows face the west, then you can use warm colors in the design to make the space brighter. Now it’s in fashion to highlight a specific wall with one color or another type of wallpaper, as if concentrating on this particular object, making the wall the main one in the room. So in Provence, decorating a nursery, you can focus on one wall by pasting on it a wallpaper with a floral pattern or create a decorative painting on it.

You can also place original wicker baskets in the room, in which the baby can hide his toys. Only natural fabrics are suitable for pillows, bedspreads and curtains. You can make them from the same material.

Provence-style corridor decoration

If the hallway or corridor is not very large, then the rustic style is what you need. Light shades in the design will significantly expand the space. Moreover, such a corridor will look much more interesting.

Provence suggests using a small bench and a bulky cabinet in the corridor, and you can also supplement it with an open wooden hanger. A beautiful floor mirror framed by a wooden frame also fits perfectly into the ensemble.

Provence style country house decoration

The ideal option is to design a cottage in Provencal style. To realize the French country is quite simple, using natural stone, boards, bricks and other forged and wooden elements. Candlesticks with forged inserts, certain metal details, original furniture handles will look good. And if you can hang a wrought iron chandelier on the ceiling, then it will give even more color.

Of course, creating an interior in a Provencal style seems to be not difficult at first glance, but in some moments it will be necessary to show patience to arrange everything with taste and in accordance with the stylistic direction. It is then that the room will find coziness, comfort and create a pleasant sense of hospitality for all guests.