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Beauty salon is a place where people come to relax and get interesting care services. Its atmosphere should be light and informal, so that a person wants to return here again.

It is important that the designed interior is combined with the overall concept of the institution, but it is not necessary to do it directly. If the salon is named after a metropolis, its interior do not necessarily contain wallpapers with city views. Our task is to create an atmosphere, to evoke sensations and emotions that will be associated with your brand.

What will you get by ordering a design project?

It is an image (including volumetric) of the future interior solution of the object with observance of the sizes and proportions. It consists of two parts:

  • Visual – photo-realistic image or 3D visualization. They are designed for you as the owner, and help you as accurately as possible to imagine how your salon will look after the transformation.
  • Technical documentation – a description of materials, furniture, decorative elements, detailed layout of the arrangement with dimensions. This information is intended for a contractor who will implement our ideas.
  • A ready-made design project is a step-by-step plan for repair and renovation of the interior. Following it, workers can quickly carry out the necessary works.

Lorenzio design studio has been working since 2009. During this time, we have created our own database of repair teams, and we can recommend qualified workers for you, focusing on your budget and the degree of complexity of our project. With our contractors we have established working communication, so misunderstanding of the technical nuances of the project is minimized.

If you choose an additional service – Author's supervision, you are free from the need for constant monitoring in the period after the approval of the design project and before the acceptance of the finished premises. The designer who is the author of the design project, will regularly visit the object and monitor the work of contractors.

What should be the design of the beauty salon?

Since it’s an institution, where certain hygienic manipulations are carried out, the premises must comply with a number of sanitary requirements:

  • Materials used for finishing are quick and easy to clean and, if necessary, can be disinfected without loss of visual aesthetics. Especially it concerns a floor covering that, besides, should not be slippery.
  • Enough light (preferably daylight) is the key to successful masterwork. Additionally, each workplace is highlighted.
  • Availability of sanitary equipment – sinks, etc., so that the master has the opportunity to wash his hands before accepting another client

  • Enough free space.
  • Zoning convenient for employees and clients.
  • If necessary, the division of a large cabinet into cabins (for changing clothes, for receiving several clients, so that they do not interfere with each other).
  • Comfortable waiting area with convenient sofas and tables.

Advantages of cooperation with us

Great experience, multiplied by the talent and professionalism of our designers, ensures that you will be 100% satisfied with the updated interior. If we cannot reflect all your wishes in the project, we are ready to finalize the concept to the ideal.

We also offer:

  • Development of a design project for an interior of a beauty salon "on a turn-key basis".
  • Coordination of the necessary redevelopment of the premises.
  • Search and purchase of necessary materials.
  • Selection of contractors and communication with them.
  • Application of bright style solutions, in which our bold author's ideas and your wishes are skilfully intertwined.
  • Use of safe finishing materials.
  • Selection of comfortable furniture, corresponding to the general style.
  • Competent and professional zoning, which will help make the room functional and comfortable.
  • Use in the project only realizable solutions and real furniture.

Ordering the interior design of the beauty salon in our studio, you eliminate yourself from a number of hassles: you do not have to search for the necessary materials, negotiate with the contractor and control every stage of his work. We offer pleasant and comfortable conditions for cooperation, convenient payment options and a willingness to feedback to any of your questions.

How will we work on the project?

After the conclusion of the contract, we hold the first meeting with you, during which we collect the information necessary for our work. Our specialist visits the object to take its photos and measurements.

The main stages of work on the interior of the room:

  • Replanning. It is not necessary to demolish or erect several walls – in some cases, it is sufficient to change the principles of conditional zoning of one large hall. We completely draw up all the necessary plans and schemes taking into account communication lines.
  • Concept development. At this stage, we make the basic sketch plans of the future interior; we choose colors, materials, furniture.
  • Coordination with you. We offer several options in one or more styles, and you choose the one that you like best. If necessary, we can make the necessary adjustments to the selected option.
  • Visualization of photo or 3D images of the future renewed interior. This is done so that both you and the contractor clearly understand how everything should look after the end of the works.
  • Development of documentation. These are plans, as well as a detailed description of the scope of work – a step-by-step instruction for the contractor. Our specialists have a knowledge base of modern building technologies. This allows them not only to come up with an original solution, but also be able to explain how doing it.


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+1 (786) 606-1953
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