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Lorenzio specializes in unique, innovative commercial interior solutions for stores, showrooms, galleries, salons.

The number of visitors and the volume of sales directly depends on how the interior of the store looks. A beautiful light room, convenient show windows, clear zoning make the outlet more attractive to potential clients. In addition to the interior, an important role is played by accompaniment: music, aromas, politeness and attentiveness of the staff. After all, if the store manages to impress the visitor and cheer him up, he is more likely to make a purchase.

A small room, dim light, shop windows that often hide goods – all this repels people. Some of them will leave in a minute or two, without buying anything. Others will pass by. However, even if the store has a number of shortcomings (uncomfortable shape of the room, small area, columns or other elements that steal space), a competent interior design project will help turn them into advantages. For example, a small area can be visually increased due to mirrors and lighting.

Elements of interior design of a commercial property

The features of the project depend on the specifics of the store: a grocery store, a clothing store or a hardware store require completely different approaches, equipment and arrangement of show windows. But the common elements are the following:

  • The most advantageous arrangement of shelves with goods, racks, show windows, as well as their illumination. The more beautiful the goods look on store shelves, the greater is the desire to buy them, even if at that moment a person has no need for these products.
  • Shelves with the most important goods (novelties, promotional products, main goods of the store) should occupy a separate place. These racks should be located in the most viewed and convenient place.
  • The feature of the location of promotional products – they should be in sight, but they should not block the visibility of other products.
  • Zoning of the store. Convenient location of the cash desk, cozy changing rooms, recreation area or play area for children are the additional benefits.

The interior should be bright, with the use of corporate colors. But at the same time, it should not attract more attention than the goods. Additional furniture should match the level of the store and the wealth of clients: the higher the price, the more expensive the furniture and the more luxurious interior.

It is also important to have convenient wide aisles between the racks. They help make the store comfortable for buyers and staff.

Features of an interior design order for a clothing store

Are you the owner of a store in St. Petersburg or the Leningrad Oblast, and you want to update the interior of your retail spaces? The artists of the Lorenzio design studio know how to do it as beautifully and effectively as possible. We offer several solutions: from strict compliance with corporate style to a completely author's concept. Our specialists have a great experience in creating interiors of trade spaces and many innovative ideas.

We offer several options for cooperation:

  • Creating a sketch in view of the size and layout of the room. The sketch includes the concept of decoration and arrangement of the necessary furniture.
  • Standard design project. Its structure also includes instructions for contractors who will perform repairs and finishing.
  • Detailed project, which takes into account the features of engineering communications, a detailed description of finishing materials.

How to order an interior design of a store in Lorenzio design studio?

Draw up an application is simple: it can be left at our website or by phone. After that, we will meet with you to discuss your wishes and features of the outlet. After the conclusion of the contract, we will proceed directly to the development of design.

5 reasons to cooperate with us:

  • We do not take an absolute prepayment – its size is only 30%. The rest you make after you get a ready project that suits you in all parameters.
  • We offer several different solutions, and we are also ready to finalize the project as many times as necessary, so that you choose the best option.
  • We offer the service of author's supervision for the execution of works, and also we can recommend a team of contractors.
  • When developing the project, we use those finishing materials and furniture that are available on the market and can be purchased. Moreover, own supply department allows you to quickly get and send them to the site.
  • We carefully listen to all your wishes and try to implement them in the best possible way.

When developing a design project for a retail space, our artists take into account modern trends, the peculiarities of the psychology of buyers and the nuances of a specific sphere of business.

The structure of the design project:

  • Analysis of project implementation,
  • Plans of commercial and retail spaces,
  • Project concept + Development,
  • Lighting + AV design,
  • 3D rendering + VR,
  • Branding + Graphic design,
  • Working plans for construction and joinery,
  • Permission for plans,
  • Estimate + Budget management,
  • Selection and search of materials, finishes,
  • Specification and supply of furniture,
  • Specification and supply of light fixtures,
  • Project Management + Property Supervision.

Our commercial architectural and interior projects

  • peshhernyj_xram_sestroreck01
    Temple and Museum, Sestroretsk
  • magazin_staraya_ladoga01
    Gift shop
  • kotani_moskva01
    Stand of Kotányi, Moscow

We ensure a maximum benefit of each square meter



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