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Lorenzio specializes in the design and implementation of solutions for workspaces. We create workspaces that not only maximize productivity, but also complement and improve your existing brand identity and daily business operations.

Design defines culture, culture defines values; and values define the future. Practically, designing shapes our future.

The working atmosphere and attitude of clients depends on the design of the office and its finishing. A beautiful and bright office disposes to communication and creativity. You want to return here, because there is a feeling of lightness.

When developing the interior design of the office, the artist takes into account:

  • basic colors, including corporate colors, which can and should be used;
  • size and purpose of the premises;
  • zoning features (it will be only a workspace, places for work with clients, or it is necessary to divide the room into work, rest and dining areas).

Functionality and comfort are the main criteria that we are guided by. It allows us to create a pleasant creative environment in the office, make the interior harmonious, and provide employees with comfortable and cozy working places.

What we offer:

  • Availability of all materials. We have our own supply department, which buys and delivers all the necessary materials to the site.
  • Accurate observance of construction technologies and standards
  • We recommend a team of contractors with whom we have cooperated many times. We are confident that they will be able to realize all our ideas. We select contractors depending on the complexity of the design project.

We conclude a contract with the team, which prescribes deadlines and a fixed price per square meter.

To accurately comply the finishing work with our created project, we offer our clients an additional service of author’s supervision – that is, we take care of all the work on quality assurance of repairs and the timeliness. In this case, you get the "turnkey" property.

How is the development of the design project going?

In order to develop a stylish and practical interior design project of an office, it is not enough to have good taste and minimal experience in this area. We take into account in the work:

  • Particularities of planning and distribution of space.
  • Main trends in the design of office interiors.
  • A number of requirements applied to the offices (fire prevention, hygiene standards, etc.).
  • Particularities of lighting, which often depend on the size of windows.
  • Rules of concealment of engineering communications, which will help to maintain their accessibility, integrity and to avoid accidents.
  • Possible re-planning. It is important to allocate a proper section of the room for a meeting room or a separate Chief's office, without disturbing the existing harmony.

Cost of interior design of the office in our Lorenzio studio

Want to turn your office into an island of beauty and comfort, and at the same time to increase customer loyalty? The specialists of our design studio know how to do this. They are professionals who know all the nuances of competent zoning, organization of space and selection of finishing materials.

Office design project – from 1500 rubles per m2.

The exact cost of the project depends on the area of the office itself, its purpose and the initial state. Your wishes for the materials to be used are also taken into account.

All our works comply with the standards of fire safety and hygiene. We take these moments into account at the initial stage of the work.

How do we work?

You can order the development of the design of your office by phone or through our website. How our work will unfold:

  • Together with you, our artists will discuss the concept of the room, its main nuances.
  • Then the specialist will come to the site to perform accurate measurements.
  • Our specialists visualize their idea.
  • Next, it is necessary to fill out all the necessary paperwork.
  • Development of estimates, procurement of materials and selection of workers' team is the first step towards the realization of the idea.

In addition, you can order the "Author's supervision" service: the specialist will supervise the work of contractors, so that they work strictly according to the design project.



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+1 (786) 606-1953
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