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Studio Lorenzio is aimed at creating unique, innovative interior solutions for hotels.

When developing the interior of the hotel, several specialists are working on the project at once. They are faced with the task of developing and implementing original ideas, while taking into account the specifics of the property, the type of materials to be used and the specific style.

The interior design of the hotel performs several functions at once:

  • Makes the atmosphere cozy and comfortable for guests.
  • Helps to make the room ergonomic and practical.
  • Creates and maintains a unified corporate style (when the halls and the rooms are made in corporate colors of the company).
  • At the same time, the design project should take into account the location of engineering communications, the decoration of the exterior of the building (so that the exterior and interior complement each other), as well as the specifics of the hotel. The designs of the family, resort and business hotels are radically different – predominant color scheme, furniture set and layout of the rooms.

How does the success of a hotel depend on the interior?

If the rooms are cozy, clean and comfortable, there is a high probability that the guest will come back here and will recommend this hotel to his friends.

When developing a design project, we take into account:
  • Type of hotel (mini-hotel, chain or exclusive hotel).
  • Particularities of the district's infrastructure. Perhaps, an additional advantage in the image of the hotel will be its own restaurant, bar, gift shop or gym.
  • Number of rooms. In small exclusive hotels, it makes sense to create the unique interior for each room.
  • Specifics of the audience. For an expensive hotel, you need an appropriate finishes and furniture. In budget hotels, it is better to focus on simplicity and functionality.

Specialists of the Lorenzio design studio are ready to develop for you a unique interior of the hotel. We use only natural and safe materials, we appreciate free space and strive to make every room as comfortable as possible for visitors.

We are equally focused on the aesthetics and efficiency of our client's business, and it allows us to create spaces that look as if they required much more costs than actually.



77 7th Ave, New York, United States
+1 (786) 606-1953
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