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Kitchen interior design is one of the most time-consuming tasks. After all, in the design of this room beauty, practicality, comfort and safety should be combined. Especially if it is a miniature room in old-style houses, which also serves as a kitchen and a dining room. Here the artist faces the most difficult task: to place all the necessary equipment and work surfaces, while leaving enough free space

Zoning – conditional division of the kitchen into several functional parts – helps to cope with this task. It includes:

  • Storage area for products and inventory.
  • Cooking area.
  • Eating area.

We conclude a contract with the team, which prescribes deadlines and a fixed price per square meter.

To accurately comply the finishing work with our created project, we offer our clients an additional service of author’s supervision – that is, we take care of all the work on quality assurance of repairs and the timeliness. In this case, you get the "turnkey" property.

Our principles of creating a kitchen interior design

  • Ergonomics and practicality. It’s important to place comfortably surfaces and kitchen appliances, and also to make those elements that are used every day more accessible. The same applies to the number, size and location of shelves and cabinets: utensils and equipment, which are used once every few weeks, can be placed higher, and utensils for every day – so that all members of the family can reach it freely.
  • Security. A large number of equipment and high humidity are two properties of the kitchen, which are not compatible with each other. Therefore, at the stage of developing a design project, it is important to correctly plan the location of communication lines, the load on electrical outlets, the location of the hood and ventilation
  • A certain mood. The color scale and style should set you up for the cooking process and for eating.

The choice of style is a separate topic. If high-tech and modern style suggest the visible appliances, then the kitchen in Provence style requires additional niches in which these appliances will be hidden.

Comfortable conditions for the development of a design project:

We are engaged in the development of interior design projects for any living space. The design of the kitchen can be ordered separately or simultaneously with the design of the whole house or apartment. We work on the territory of the Leningrad Oblast, we develop the interiors of kitchens in spacious country houses and small apartments.

5 reasons to order a design project at us:

  • We will develop an interior design according to your needs. The layout depends on how many people are in the family, who and how often cooks.
  • We will help you choose the best style and colors, based on the general style of housing.
  • We will select the safest and most practical materials, and also help you to purchase them.
  • Thanks to the "Author's Supervision" service, we will ensure that contractors implement all the nuances of the project.
  • We will try to create a maximum of free space for ease of movement and comfort.

When the contract was concluded, our specialist leaves for free to take measurements of the premises. At the beginning of the work, we will discuss in detail with you what you would like to see in the kitchen of your dreams. And we will do everything to bring the interior of the room closer to the ideal.



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