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Lorenzio Studio specializes in the spaces layout in New York. Arrangement of a house, apartment or office on an individual project is ideal for those who wish to optimize his expenses and get a functional and comfortable room that fully meets all requirements.

Order of work

  • acquaintance with the client and clarification of all the requirements necessary for compliance in the design process;
  • development of the architectural concept of the premises, with its scheme with specification of the plan, location on the site and area;
  • creating a 3D model that reflects the visual concept of the room;
  • development of the architectural part of the project;
  • preparation of technical documentation on architectural and constructive solutions;
  • approval of the redevelopment project in the relevant authorities, if necessary;
  • preparation of information on the required building and finishing materials;
  • calculation of estimates.

What is important to consider in the project of premises?

Performing architectural design of premises, our specialists take into account your wishes and think over a constructive solution that will correspond to them. It is important for us that the premises meet their purpose and are convenient to use. Therefore, we think through every square meter of our projects: we "squeeze" the maximum out of a small space; we make a big open office comfortable. In our projects, the spaces are harmonious and thought out, we will not miss important household nuances and we zone the room so that the recreation area does not interfere with the meeting room, and the reception area does not distract employees from their work.

Planning of premises is important not only for residential buildings, but also for commercial ones. We will be able to help you in the preparation of the project for the hotel premises, office, trading hall, shop and other establishments.

Our approach to design

  • in the process of project preparation, all the client's wishes are taken into account, which allows to provide the best result;
  • the works are carried out by professional architects;
  • specialists apply a creative and professional approach to the development of the concept of premises;
  • you get an individual project that differs favorably from the other ones;
  • our professionals select building and finishing materials, correctly calculating their quantity;
  • our architects take into account the requirements for functional features of the premises according to normative documents and acts;
  • we make the project on time and quickly make changes;
  • we work for results and offer high quality work.

Addressing to Lorenzio, you can avoid the additional financial costs caused by design errors. Contact our specialist and he will provide you with competent advice and guidance on the cost of work. Please contact us!



77 7th Ave, New York, United States
+1 (786) 606-1953
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