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Visualization in virtual reality

Virtual visualization is a new direction of work in our studio. We are engaged in creating large-scale virtual design projects, as detailed as possible and "live". Putting on VR-glasses, you can walk through the future room, see how it will look at the final stage.

The virtual project is executed on the game “engine”, so you can interact with the objects. The client can rearrange the furniture, change the color and texture of surfaces, walk through the rooms, see them from different perspectives and even in different lighting.

Example of visualization in VR Presentation of interior solutions at a new level

Presentation of interior solutions at a new level

A virtual design project is a new service that we rapidly develop. This is an excellent visualization option for developers, which will help convince partners of the effectiveness of financial investments, see how the object will look at the final stage.

Our clients, customers of virtual projects are developers, especially those who sell flats with finishing. With the help of VR-project they can show potential buyers how attractive apartments with finished decoration look. This is an excellent opportunity to visually present a potential buyer an apartment in a new building, as well as an excellent marketing idea that is used to sell finished “turnkey” apartments.

Also the visualization in virtual reality is demanded in the organization of:

  • Presentations of shops, products, construction projects.
  • Showrooms.
  • Exhibitions.

We invite developers, construction and investment companies to cooperate.

About VR technology

Compared to classical 3D visualization, visualization in VR is not much more expensive, but it has significant advantages:

  • You can look at the room from different angles, while you will see everything in the same perspective as in real life.
  • To move to any point of the object, you use a special "pointer", in addition, movements in the real world are repeated in the virtual one, so you can naturally move around the entire object.
  • Any element of a building object can become interactive. For example, you can choose a model of a sofa or a washbasin, move a table, select the color of the walls or floor from the proposed ones by the architect.
  • The technology allows you to choose the time of day and even control the internal lighting with switches or the "Smart Home" virtual system, launched on a tablet in virtual reality.


Stage 1 - Approval of Technical Specifications

Layouts of the premises, detailed Technical Specifications, developed views, that is, the usual project documentation is used as initial data.

Stage 2 - Development of the VR model

The development is carried out according to the terms similar to the development of classical 3D visualizations. Designing is carried out on UnrealEngine 4 – a modern platform for photorealistic computer games.

Stage 3 - Subtotals and changes

In our contract, we include up to 25% of changes, that is, in the process of visualization you can make decisions to change the layouts or models of furniture. For changes, it is not necessary to come to the office, most of them can be coordinated remotely.

Stage 4 - Final presentation

When everything is ready, we send you the required number of visualizations in jpeg and video tour format and hold a presentation using VR headset.



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