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Repair and arrangement of an apartment is an extremely important event, because it is not so frequent (especially if it is connected with the acquisition of real estate). Many questions can be solved by ordering a detailed design project, which includes plans, planning solutions, estimates and, of course, a visual representation of the design – that is a 3D design project.

Examples of our 3D projects

Our team consists of experienced visualizers. We like to make 3D renderings so that they can not be distinguished from photos. And we will take up the project for your apartment with pleasure! See examples of our visualizations:

What does the apartment design project consist of?

The apartment design project is not just some sketches of how your future home might look. It includes:

  • Variants of planning solutions, executed in the form of sets of plans and 3D visualizations;
  • Schemes of electrical, thermal, sanitary communications (which are very important for the subsequent safe operation and maintenance / repair);
  • Suggestions for the placement of furniture and interior items;
  • Specifications for furniture, bathroom fixtures and climatic equipment (with prices and suppliers);
  • Construction and regulatory documentation.

In addition to this, estimates for the work will be submitted and reliable contractors / suppliers will be recommended, and the author of the project will take part in its implementation at your request within the scope of the author's control service.

All this creates for you as a client a number of advantages. As a result, you will get exactly what you have chosen and coordinated. Builders will work strictly adhering to design documents, so the project will be carried out in the best possible way. The emerging woking questions will be solved promptly with the author of the project. This will save not only nerves and time, but also considerable financial resources.

Materials, equipment and components will be purchased exactly as much as necessary (according to our statistics, the savings at this stage is up to 30-40%). Furniture will be placed without additional modifications. Residents will only have to enjoy their new apartment with impeccable repairs and accept the praise of friends who came to visit and recommend them the services of our company.

You will like to set up your apartment with us!

Studio Lorenzio has been working in St. Petersburg for almost 10 years. During this time, the specialists of the design studio have developed many projects in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Oblast, Moscow and other Russian cities.

Why do many people decide to order a 3D apartment design project here? First of all, because of our responsible attitude to the work. In our studio, we create not just beautiful and spectacular design solutions, but a comfortable and safe space for living.

When creating projects in Lorenzio studio:

  • We use only ecological and hypoallergenic materials, completely safe for human and animal health;
  • We propose project solutions based on the family members, taking into account young children and people with limited mobility;
  • Only available equipment and furniture are used to implement the project.


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