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Kitchen is one of the most important places in the house, so you need to carefully consider the choice of design project of this room. The development of a 3D kitchen design project allows you to see how the room in the new design using visualization will look.

See examples of our 3D kitchen visualizations

What good is 3d kitchen design project and when needed?

When choosing a certain style for the interior of the kitchen according to sketches and palns, it is difficult to imagine the final result and how comfortable it will be in the atmosphere of the chosen interior. In this case, a detailed three-dimensional project allows to:

  1. Choose the most suitable style option that meets all individual preferences.
  2. Make best use of space: 3D design project will allow you to check how effectively space is distributed. The kitchen is a kind of office, so it should be comfortable.
  3. Feel the interior atmosphere. In the kitchen, a person spends a lot of time, it is important to feel comfortable. The virtual project will allow you to choose the color solution for decorating the room and to feel what emotions the chosen option causes.
  4. Make a decision about the distribution of kitchen appliances, the possibility of their comfortable and safe use.

What is the difference between a professional 3D kitchen project and ready-made solutions?

It is no secret that there are a lot of programs and services that offer to order and create a large-scale project of the premises at home.

But this method takes a lot of time. There are a number of pitfalls. The functionality is limited in such programs: a narrow set of textures and tints is offered. It is not possible to insert any desired object or detail of the design into the project. As a result, this method does not give a full picture of the interior of your future kitchen.

You can order a 3D kitchen design project in St. Petersburg at the company "Lorenzio". We guarantee a high level of work for the following reasons:

  1. Use of the latest professional software to create virtual projects.
  2. All calculations are correlated with the actual dimensions of the possible furniture and equipment.
  3. Real color solutions. All that is represented in the 3D project is realizable. The final result will correspond to the virtual plan.
  4. With the help of high-quality visualization of design, you will find yourself in the updated kitchen, you will be able to evaluate all the project parameters: stylistic, color solutions.
  5. Dimensions of modules, the size of household appliances correspond to real objects in the project.

3D rendering will avoid unpleasant surprises during project implementation. Our technologies will help create a kitchen that best suits your wishes.



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